Is this just a dream?

I never knew dreams actually meant something way deeper. I’ve often had dreams, ever since I was young and I’ve always been intrigued at how some dreams were really vivid and I would… Continue reading

I am a self-harm survivor

This week, during Sunday Service in church, my head pastor Jung Myung Seok preached a message, saying, “You have to remember in order to be happy. The reason your joy disappeared was because… Continue reading

Doctor of faith

A few days ago, I had the chance to meet and chat with a few overseas members from the medical department and it was such an inspiring evening for me. One of the members,… Continue reading

Beautiful life – Clean Faces!!!!!!

Recently I got to know this new facial product from a senior from high school. She recommended me this product called Skintelligence. I used it’s toner, the Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer and also… Continue reading

Prison life now and injustice in the past

  On a learning trip to Hong Kong. I had the opportunity of visiting the prison. During the visit, one of the speakers from the centre shared with us, what prison life was like.… Continue reading

Loving God with your individuality

There are times in my life, I wondered: “Amongst 7.4 billion people in this world, I am sure there are people whose talents that are similar to mine. For example; let’s say someone… Continue reading

Gotta catch’em all!!

Hahahahaha~Looking at the title, you probably thought this is a post about pokemon right..LOL*smirk* If only we could bring the same mentality and spirit while putting our energy in playing Pokemon GO onto things… Continue reading

Human beings remember as they think

Human beings remember as long as they think, and they think as long as they remember. jung myung seok

Do not block your thoughts~

Always think positively, do you think it is hard ? One day I had a small argument with my mum on the train. She was commenting about something unpleasant about me and the… Continue reading