Don’t Put Food Outside

I was heading to the kitchen to put away my drinking glass. As I entered the door, a mouse sensed my presence and quickly dashed from the sink where it was standing straight to the kitchen table. I had never seen anything ran that quickly. My instinct was to call my mom, “Mom!” I was screaming at the top of my lungs. “A mouse! A mouse!” I’m not a fan of mice, in fact, they terrify me.

In a desperate attempt to get rid of it, I looked for my pet Dachshund, Helga, to hunt for the mouse as she used to do in her prime years. My mom told me that ever since we had Helga as a pet, our house have never been more mouse free. Dachshund is breed to hunt badgers and other tunneling animals (in our case, mice!); however, my Dachshund, Helga, has gotten older and doesn’t hunt as much as before.

My mom found me outside the kitchen door (I was too afraid to go inside by myself) with Helga by her side but by the time they got to the kitchen, the mouse had disappeared through the back door.

“How did it get here?” my mom asked.

“There’s food on the kitchen table. Look! And the garage door… it’s open!” I said pointing at the open garage door.

“Who opened the door? I’ve said this so many times. Always close the door because mouse can get inside; also, who placed food on the kitchen table? Never put food outside because it will invite mouse.”

God speaks to us through experiences

My senior pastor Jung Myung Seok taught us that there’s a lesson to be learned through every experience we go through in life. God speaks to people in numerous ways; He speaks through inspiration in their hearts; He speaks through people in their lives; and He speaks through natural revelations, so as I closed the garage door, I asked myself, “Why did I experience this? What is it that God wants to reveal to me?”

I pondered for a while and then I realized something. The mouse came because there’s food on the kitchen table, and it was able to get in because the garage door was not properly locked. It is the same with committing sin. The mouse here can be an analogy of the devil not because mouse itself is evil but because of its inherent characteristic that is like the devil: mouse is known to contaminate food with its urine, droppings and hair. It destroys more food than it consumes because of its habit of nibbling on many foods and discarding partially eaten items (Source).

Satan contaminates lives and destroys righteousness, and just like the mouse, Satan comes when we give him a reason to come. How many times have we told ourselves “it’s just one video” or “it’s just for 5 minutes, how can it harm me?” (Believe me, I’m guilty of this too!). Whether we know it or not, when these thoughts come into our brains, we are in the process of opening the garage doors of our hearts for Satan to come in. Next thing we know, one video becomes two videos, becomes three videos which then becomes hours and hours spent in front of the computer doing God knows what.

Pastor Joshua Jung taught us that the heart is fickle. The heart changes according to what it sees, hears, touches and feels. The heart can be happy for a moment but in a quick second, the heart becomes upset. The Bible has even warned us that the heart is deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9). We can never know what to expect with our hearts because the heart’s condition changes with every external stimuli we experience. So, what does this mean for us? Are we then doomed to have uncontrollable reckless behaviors or can we actually control what happens to our heart? The answer (and good news) is yes, we do have control.

The core of a human being is thoughts. The core of action is thoughts

Jung Myung Seok

Just like what happened in my kitchen, the mouse felt invited by the sweet smell of food from the kitchen. Do not give Satan the opportunity to come to your life by doing things you shouldn’t do and do not open your heart to him. Close the garage door. Place a proper lock on the door of your heart and cut off sinful thoughts before it takes root in your brain. Cut them off with the Truth of God, with a strong mentality and with the Holy Spirit. As Pastor Joshua Jung always says, put the Word into action only then will The Word displays its power like a bomb exploding. A person who takes action is someone who makes a bomb explode in Satan’s mouth. Taking action is life, it is the way to live.


Hwabi Jung in her video ‘Life and its Two Eternal Paths‘ says this about sin:

“If I were to compare sin is like a dirty excrement. If excrement cannot come out of the body, it can cause death in human beings. In this way, if you live in sin, both the body and spirit will eventually fall ill and die. The unique quality of sin is that it rots. Therefore, if anyone sins, he will rot and so be completely finished. Why do people become rotten and come to an end? The reason they become rotten is not because God defined it as a sin. If anything deviates from the law of existence, it will rot regardless if it is an object or a person. 

Consider fruits. The reason they rot is not because they are defined to rot. If they spoil without any external aid, they will rot regardless of where they are. In this way, even if God did not define it as sin, if you sin, you will rot. If sin is left alone, it will keep spreading like a disease. Sin causes you to become distant from God. Sin blocks off blessings” 

Sin clouds our thoughts from receiving God’s thoughts, prohibiting us from living God’s kind of life. Sin makes us feel empty (as we are not connected with our God, the giver of life) and it is a condition for Satan to intimidate and control us. Getting rid of sin is getting rid of the dark cloud, and guarding our hearts is keeping dark clouds from re-entering our thoughts. We can do it with the Holy Spirit’s help and the Saviour’s strength who had first overcame Satan and all of his power.

Proverbs 4:23

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it”